ADHD Fish Oils
Adrenal Boosters Immune Support
Arthritis & Pain Moods (Anxiety & Depression)
Fibromyalgia Multivitamins
Diabetes Thyroid Support
Digestion Weight Loss
Amino Acids Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Bone Support Women’s Health
Brain Formulas Men’s Health
Heart/Circulation Yeast
Detox Probiotics


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I am a partner of the VIP Dispensary. VIP Dispensary is an easy way of ordering the products that we recommend for your nutritional health. The convenience of online and toll-free ordering, shipped right to your home.

In order to purchase products from VIP Dispensary’s website, you must have my pin # on hand. You will need that PIN number when you check out to complete your FIRST purchase only. Upon returning to the site to place your next order, you will no longer need my pin#, you will simply log in and make your purchase.

Dr. Fortney’s PIN #: SFORTN

You may register now by clicking below or you may browse the website and choose the supplements you would like and add them to your shopping cart. Before checking out, you will be prompted to create a login and password if you have not yet done so. Again, be sure that you have my PIN number on hand, as it is required in order to make your first secure purchase.