Please feel free to read through our patient testimonials if you need a little more convincing that Middle Tennessee Clinic and Dr. Stephanie Fortney can help you!  Or, if you would just like to hear about the success others have had, please feel free to post comments below.  If you are a current care patient, or a past care patient, please, leave a post about your experience as well.


I was in a car accident in June of 2008 that left me with severe neck and back pain. After seeing Dr. Fortney my condition improved so dramatically I found myself as good, if not better, than before the accident. My son Aidan, 4 years old, had been diagnosed with epilepsy. He suffers from sporadic and life threatening seizures. He was still suffering from “focal” seizures even after medication. I took him to Dr. Fortney to be adjusted and after routine adjustments; Aidan’s seizures occurred further and further apart! His sleeping habits also improved. My daughter Anne Riley, 2 ears old, suffered as a baby from acid reflux. After Aidan’s success story, and mine my husband and I decided to let Dr. Fortney adjust our daughter. After a few months of adjustments Anne Riley’s condition improved so significantly, she was able to come off her reflux medications. We all still get adjusted regularly. Dr. Fortney is wonderful and life changing for the whole family. Mine is living proof!

– Amber S.



My name is Ashley and I have had a peanut allergy my whole life. Dr. Fortney introduced me to her supplements and suggested everyone should be on a good multivitamin so I decided to try it out. I have never been able to find a good vitamin that wouldn’t make me feel nauseous. Even on an empty stomach, Dr. Fortney’s vitamin does not make me sick. After a month of my daily dosage, my peanut allergy is GONE! I accidentally ate peanut butter and nothing happened so I ventured to more and more peanuts. I now can eat ANY peanut product I want. Thank you Dr. Fortney.

– Ashley G.


Dr. Fortney welcomed me into the Middle Tennessee Clinic in such a way that I was completely comfortable as I transitioned from my former chiropractor to this office. Dr. Fortney goes out of her way to ensure that every question and issue I have has been addressed before I leave. Having just moved to this area and previously been with a great chiropractor for 4 years, I am incredibly happy to have found a new chiropractor that runs her practice with such highly trained skill, friendliness, and true compassion. Thank you Dr. Fortney!

– Brittney S.


Before I started coming to Dr. Fortney, I could not stand up straight. My spine had started curving to one side because of the way I was walking. Since I have been getting adjusted, I am able to stand, walk, and enjoy my granddaughter. Thank God I found Dr. Fortney when I did.

– Barbara T.


I came from a chiropractic family, (grandfather, 3 uncles, and 2 cousins) but none live close enough to treat me regularly. That said, Dr. Fortney has given me the best adjustments I have ever had … but don’t tell my relatives I said so.

– Gleneta N.


I like the way Dr. Fortney likes her patients to stay healthy without the help of the pharmacy and drugs.

– Genevieve R.


After many years of living with pain I decided to try chiropractic. Dr. Fortney made me feel so comfortable and safe in her care. I have seen much improvement in a few short weeks. I am thankful to have found her.

– Barbara W.



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